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Does traffic congestion, slow search results or lazy downloads, sound just a bit familiar? Here comes the antidote - eMule Download Thruster - a little patch created entirely to heighten the capabilities of eMule p2p client especially when it comes to download speeds. Having the advantage of the most efficient acceleration technology at its core, this low-resource-consuming app can really make a difference for your file sharing program as it provides features able to set automatically the most effective configuration for your Internet connection and use intelligently the bandwidth you have available. eMule Download Thruster installs in as less as several seconds and requires no experience to be mastered and used efficiently because it has built-in capacity of automatically connecting to your eMule client which leaves you with the simple job of merely starting and closing the app. eMule Download Thruster incorporates useful features such as: Download boosting and Connection to more peers: Removes complete and incorrect files automatically; Improves searching by discovering additional sources at user-specified intervals; Appealing, intuitive interface with nicely organized icons; Configuration from last run automatically saved and loaded on start-up; Operates by a system tray icon; Extremely reduced CPU requirements.

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